About Chi-Tech Philippines

Our Name

Chi-X derives its name from the Greek letter Chi, written as χ, which symbolizes the crossing of two sides in a trade. Chi-X thus signifies the perfect combination of the old and new world, or traditional securities trading techniques married with cutting-edge technology.

Introducing Chi-Tech Philippines

Chi-Tech Philippines is one of the technology services units of Chi-X Asia Pacific and a milestone for the industry in the Philippines: it is the first office in the country to focus on the development of a high performance trading platform.

In partnership with Chi-Tech Hong Kong, Chi-Tech Philippines keeps the Chi-X market centers at the forefront of the industry in terms of operational efficiency, integrity, and stability. The Manila operations thus represents an expansion of resources as Chi-X grows into new business opportunities.

Our Role in Powering the Chi‑X Asia Pacific Ecosystem

Core Development

Enhance proprietary software and infrastructure.
Develop key market level innovations.

Research and Development

Focus on system performance, stability, resilience, and cost efficiencies.

Quality Assurance

Maintain maximum levels of system performance and reliability.
Highly automated processes.

Technical Project Management

Deliver local solutions to conform with regulatory and customer demands.
Cost-effective delivery.

Support and Service Desk

Local and regional operational support.
Implementation and deployment of releases.
Monitoring all market center systems at all times.